Roberts-Shields Memorials

Custom Memorials and Monuments Since 1898!

Family Owned For Over 120 Years

We are a family-owned business that specializes in custom memorials and monuments. Every day, we strive to give you the best service and provide the best quality available in the Southeast and the US.  Our artisans fashion beautiful and tasteful monuments, each unique to the individual they are designed to memorialize. Many of our stone and gem cutters have worked for us for over 40 years.   Their pride and passion shows every day in the quality memorials and monuments that they produce.

Quality Assurance

Most monument companies rely on just one or two employees to handle all the steps of the creation process. This can consequently result in often steps being overlooked. With quite the bit of work that goes into crafting a custom memorial, oftentimes steps can be overlooked and errors can occur. It’s better to have individual experts, each with their own knowledge and skillset, at every step of the process.  We are different from our competitors in this way. We have trained experts at every step, as a result ensuring every landmark created gets looked over by multiple sets of expert eyes. To summarize, you will not find a more thorough group of memorial professionals.

Recognizable Craftsmanship

Our work honors those who deserve to be remembered. Be it individual resting sites, or landmarks standing tall in a city space, our custom memorials and monuments stand to remember. Recognized as a premier stone monument company in the Southeast, we have been blessed to have built such a unique monument company.

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