Roberts-Shields Memorials

Stone Benches

Custom stone benches are a great way to remember the lives of those who lived to serve others. Even after passing, this memorial gives them the chance still to assist others. Stone benches provide a place to sit and rest, collect your thoughts, and enjoy the day before you. Perhaps your loved one spent their life doing the same for others.

We offer both custom inspired and traditional stone benches. All benches can be engraved with custom messaging. 

Quality Stone and Service

We use only the highest quality granite and marble available, and our trained gem cutters have over 100 years experience in selecting the finest stones. Many of our employees have worked with us for over 40 years. This expertise means that you can rest assured knowing any monument we create is a product of our company alone. From the initial consultation to the final installation process, our professionals are the only ones to handle your requests. We use only those whom we trust to do the job right, never sub contractors! 

A Point To Remember

You have the right to purchase your memorial from whomever you choose. There’s no “extra charge” if you buy from a company that specializes in stone memorials. You’ll receive the same perpetual care services regardless of your memorial provider. Although this may be true, some cemeteries don’t allow this. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office wants to hear about any breach of these rights! Their number is (404) 656-3920.

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