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Our bronze cemetery markers actually consist of both bronze and stone. We fix a flat bronze plate over a flat stone, either granite or marble. The flat bronze plate contains all the information about your loved one and comes in a variety of shapes and styles. You even have the option to include symbols specific to the religion or nationality of the deceased.

Bronze Markers vs Stone Memorials

As mentioned above, bronze cemetery markers are flat, more discrete options than their stone monument counterpart. The bronze plaque consists of the details and artwork, while the backing stone provides a nice contrast. Stone monuments are upright, larger headstones that erect from the ground. These are often more elaborate and can be seen from a distance.

Both bronze markers and stone monuments allow the same basic information to be shown on the memorial.

Don’t Be Confused By Your Cemetery!

According to Georgia State Law: You have the right to purchase your memorial from whomever you choose. There’s no “extra charge” if you buy from a company that specializes in bronze memorials. You’ll receive the same perpetual care services regardless of your memorial provider.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office wants to hear about any breach of these rights!
Their number is (404) 656-3920.

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Bronze Cemetery Markers FAQ

Is my cemetery the only option for installing a memorial?

Absolutely not. By law, you can purchase from whomever you choose. It is illegal for any cemetery to force you to purchase from them or to even insinuate that you will receive less care from the cemetery if you do not purchase from them. If this were the case, we would not have a business nor would we have satisfied tens of thousands of families over the decades. You purchased perpetual care from the cemetery when you paid for the interment rights.

Will my memorial receive the same care if not purchased from the cemetery?

Yes, absolutely! By law, you will receive the same care from your cemetery no matter whom you purchase your memorial from. We provide an additional warranty and guarantee above and beyond that of the cemetery, so you are doubly protected.

Do you sell the same type of bronze memorial as my cemetery?

Yes, there is just a handful of reputable bronze memorial foundries in the United States and we are authorized dealers for them. These are the highest quality bronze memorials available in the world.

Is there a huge fee for someone else to install the memorial?

Absolutely not. In 2000, the Georgia general assembly passed legislation limiting the “fee” charged by perpetual care cemeteries, which we pay for you. This law ended years of unfair business practices, thus protecting you, the consumer.

How can your bronze marker prices be less than the cemetery’s. 

Good question! We are a family-owned business that sells and installs memorials all over (not just in one cemetery) and we buy in large quantities. Plus, we do not have multiple layers of management to pay large commissions to like so many cemeteries. Bottom line: we give you more for your money.

My cemetery is telling me something entirely different than you are.

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. We actually print the secretary of state’s phone number at the bottom of our contract and encourage families to call to ‘get the right story.’ We tell you exactly the truth and our words are backed up by fact and law.

After I purchase from you, what do I need to tell my cemetery?

We handle everything with your cemetery. We contact them, provide them with every detail of the memorial, and verify that what we’re providing meets their guidelines. You have no burden or responsibility whatsoever.

Do you install the memorial?

Yes, when it is ready, we call the cemetery to make an appointment for installation. Then we bring the memorial to the cemetery, verify the exact lot location with the cemetery, and we install it.