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Stone Carving Quality Comparison

Stone Carving Quality Comparison

We can design and build any size or style monument. We use only the finest granite and marble stones from around the world. Each one is expertly crafted from fine-grained stone to ensure hardness, treated against water absorption, and polished to a high luster or finished in a variety of custom textures. We also handle all aspects of the installation of the monument and all cemetery paperwork and fees, if applicable. Finally, we back up all of our work with a time-tested written warranty.

The size of a monument certainly doesn’t translate into quality, just as a large diamond doesn’t automatically mean a quality diamond.

  1. Start with a high-quality stone. (Ask us how some granites are better than others.)
  2. Cut the stone into a beautifully-proportioned design. (This is a critical mis-step in so many cases.)
  3. Carve the design(s) and lettering in a deep, rich, life-like way so there is no need for the artificial (and temporary) paint you see so many times.

Below you will learn a little about what makes a carving look like it was roughed out of stone versus one that was delicately, carefully, and deliberately carved to be a permanent life-like attribute to your monument.

Flat Carvings show no detail, and are not realistic or life-like. This represents the lowest quality possible on a monument.
We take great pride and care to ensure that our carvings are deep and realistic (shape-carved).

Shallow or “Painted” Letters are typically artificially colored because they were not carved deeply enough and they require
the color in order to be read. We carve our letters very deeply, until they are “v-sunken” so that a natural shadow is created.
Not only are they more attractive and easier to read, but they will last indefinitely.

Uneven / Irregular Letters also represents the lowest quality possible on a monument.  Lettering should be 100%
consistent and even. Letters should be the same size, form, and finish.  Your loved one deserves to have his/her name carved in stone in a beautiful manner, not a haphazard one. We use a state-of-the-art computer system and the area’s only 7-step process to ensure our lettering is 100% consistent and even. We can scale letters to any size, align them straight or in an arc, and provide a scale drawing of your monument before it is “in stone.”

Below are some examples of our high-quality carvings on the left versus some typical low-quality carvings that are all too easy to find in any cemetery.

Quality Workmanship

We build quality monuments; we refuse to cut corners with inferior granites or workmanship. Our superior carvings and lettering does not require artificial paint to be seen. Rather they are deeply cut so the natural shadowing ensures a beautiful, natural, and lasting look.