Roberts-Shields Memorials



Selection Process – What do I do?
We understand this is a very difficult time. Our goal is to make the selection of a memorial as easy and convenient as possible while providing you with every option and expert guidance at each step from our trained memorial counselors. We invite you to visit our manufacturing plant and office where you can see firsthand the largest memorial display in the Southeast. If this is not convenient, we gladly come to your home or meet with you in the cemetery at your lot.

How does a ‘typical’ memorial selection process go?
Whether you meet with us at our office or we come visit with you, an expert counselor will take time to “listen” to your needs and wants regarding the memorial. It is important for us to understand about your loved one and your vision (if you have one) of the memorial. Our designers will show you sample memorials, discuss with you how to personalize the memorial, and develop a design that memorializes the life of your loved one.

I’m not ready to make a decision, but I have some questions.
We make this process as easy for you as it can be. We are here to help you, even if you just have questions that need answering right now. There is never any pressure. This is our family’s business for over 100 years. Please use our expertise! Call us with even the simplest of questions, that’s why we are here.

What if I live far away from you but our cemetery is close to you?
If you live outside of our area, we can consult with you over the telephone and use email, mail, and/or a fax to handle the details.

My cemetery is outside of your area; can you still help me?
Of course we can. While we routinely travel hundreds of miles to install memorials, if it is not feasible for us to install your memorial, we frequently ship memorials all over the country. Call anytime to discuss your exact needs.

How much does a memorial cost?
Stone monuments and bronze memorials can be made in an infinite number of sizes, designs, etc. You do not need to spend a lot of extra money to get a beautiful and permanent memorial. Our designers work with you to provide memorial options within your specific budget range. Some companies cut corners to arrive at the price they think you want. Even though we are very price competitive, we understand that with this type of purchase, value and quality are typically more important than getting the cheapest thing possible. You will not find the quality of memorial and service we provide at a cheaper price.

What type of memorials do you specialize in?
There is no type of cemetery work or monument that we cannot or have not done. We provide flat bronze markers, flat stone, standard upright stone monuments, custom upright stone monument, ‘sculpted’ stone monuments, stone walls and all types of lot work, mausoleums, etc., etc.

Do you have a broad range of designs and options?
We have our own designers and provide custom design work in-house. You are not forced to “choose one of these” from a brochure or settle on a design that is not “exactly” what you want. We have earned a reputation over the decades for being able to provide highly custom memorials to families. Your loved one was unique, why shouldn’t their memorial also be unique?

How do I know your company is trustworthy?
This is our family business and we’ve been here for over 100 years (since 1898) – perhaps even longer than your cemetery. We provide everything to you in writing, including our warranty. We are not a “one-man operation” that will not be here when you need us. One visit to our office and plant will relieve any doubts about our quality, dedication, and commitment to our business and to you. We know that without positive word-of-mouth testimonials, we would not have a business.

Bronze Cemetery Markers

Don’t Be Confused By Your Cemetery! According to Georgia State Law:
You have the right to purchase your memorial from whomever you choose.
There’s no “extra charge” if you buy from a company that specializes in bronze memorials.
You’ll receive the same perpetual care services regardless of your memorial provider.
The Georgia Secretary of State’s office wants to hear about any breach of these rights!
Their number is (404) 656-3920.

My cemetery said no one else can install a memorial in their cemetery. Is this true?
Absolutely not. By law, you can purchase from whomever you choose. It is illegal for any cemetery to force you to purchase from them or to even insinuate that you will receive less care from the cemetery if you do not purchase from them. If this were the case, we would not have a business nor would we have satisfied tens of thousands of families over the decades. You purchased perpetual care from the cemetery when you paid for the interment rights.

Will my memorial receive the same care if not purchased from the cemetery?
Yes, absolutely! By law, you will receive the same care from your cemetery no matter whom you purchase your memorial from. We provide an additional warranty and guarantee above and beyond that of the cemetery, so you are doubly protected.

Do you sell the same type of bronze memorial as my cemetery?
Yes, there is just a handful of reputable bronze memorial foundries in the United States and we are authorized dealers for them. These are the highest quality bronze memorials available in the world.

Is it true that there is a huge fee if someone else installs the memorial?
Absolutely not. In 2000, the Georgia general assembly passed legislation limiting the “fee” charged by perpetual care cemeteries, which we pay for you. This law ended years of unfair business practices, thus protecting you, the consumer.

How can your prices be less than the cemetery’s prices, especially on bronze markers, which come from the same foundry?
Good question! We are a family-owned business that sells and installs memorials all over (not just in one cemetery) and we buy in large quantities. Plus, we do not have multiple layers of management to pay large commissions to like so many cemeteries. Bottom line: we give you more for your money.

What if my cemetery is telling me something entirely different than you are?
Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. We actually print the secretary of state’s phone number at the bottom of our contract and encourage families to call to ‘get the right story.’ We tell you exactly the truth and our words are backed up by fact and law.

After I purchase from you, what do I need to tell my cemetery?
We handle everything with your cemetery. We contact them, provide them with every detail of the memorial, and verify that what we’re providing meets their guidelines. You have no burden or responsibility whatsoever.

Do you install the memorial?
Yes, when it is ready, we call the cemetery to make an appointment for installation. Then we bring the memorial to the cemetery, verify the exact lot location with the cemetery, and we install it.

Stone Monuments

What materials do you make monuments from?
We use only the highest quality granite and marble stones. We have over 100 years experience in selecting the finest stones.

Are there different quality levels of stone?
Yes, there are. Some stones have a higher level of impurities, such as iron ore, which can actually rust over time and discolor your stone. Other lower quality stones can have unusually large streaks or spots, which are unsightly, while some stones can have small fissures (even internal) which can manifest themselves years later. That is one reason a written warranty from a company that will actually be in existence years down the road is so important.

Who do you use to build your monuments?
We use us! We have been blessed with some of the finest stone cutters and engravers in the industry. We have several plant employees who have been with us for over 40 years each, a few over 20 years each, etc. Rest assured that the craftsmen working on your monument are the best in the industry.

Do you install your own monuments?
Yes, we use our experienced workers, not sub-contractors, grass cutters, or grave diggers, to install our monuments. You will receive a professional foundation and installation.

What is the most important factor I should consider when purchasing a stone monument?
There are several things which are “most” important: stone quality, lettering / carving quality, foundation quality, design, and warranty. In addition, the company you deal with needs to be reputable, licensed by the state, have full liability coverage, and the longevity to be there when you need them in the future. Also, you need to feel comfortable and trust who you are dealing with. This is an important decision which should not be taken lightly.