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Our custom stone monuments and memorials are built to stand the test of time.  Since 1898, we’ve built our stone monuments and memorials using only the finest quality granite and marble. Our stone and gem cutters have as much as 40+ years of experience working with us. We create all our own monuments, as well as handle installation ourselves. We don’t use sub contractors.

The Difference Between Monuments and Markers

We offer two main styles of stone burial headstones – Upright Stone Monuments and Flat Stone Markers.  Stone monuments are upright, larger headstones that erect from the ground. These can vary in shape and size, looking like a traditional tombstone, or can be more extravagant. We have many custom options to construct any type of monument you may desire. Stone Cemetery markers are the smaller option, and lie flat above the grave. A bronze plaque can also be installed on a piece of granite or marble. Markers are not as immediately noticeable as a monument, but are easier to maintain. 

Both upright stone monuments and flat stone markers allow the same basic information to be shown on the memorial.

A Point To Remember

You have the right to purchase your memorial from whomever you choose. There’s no “extra charge” if you buy from a company that specializes in stone memorials. You’ll receive the same perpetual care services regardless of your memorial provider. Although this may be true, some cemeteries don’t allow this. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office wants to hear about any breach of these rights! Their number is (404) 656-3920.

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Custom Stone Monuments FAQ

What materials do you make monuments from?

We use only the highest quality granite and marble stones. As a matter of fact, we have over 100 years experience in selecting the finest stones.

Are there different quality levels of stone?

Yes, there are. Some stones have a higher level of impurities, such as iron ore, which can actually rust over time and discolor your stone. Other lower quality stones can have unusually large streaks or spots, which are unsightly, while some stones can have small fissures (even internal) which can manifest themselves years later. That is one reason a written warranty from a company that will actually be in existence years down the road is so important.

Who do you use to build your monuments?

Ourselves! We’ve been blessed with some of the finest stone cutters and engravers in the industry. We have several plant employees, many of which have been with us for over 40 years each, a few over 20 years each, etc. For that reason, rest assured that the craftsmen working on your monument are the best in the industry.

Do you install your own monuments?

Yes, we use our experienced workers, not sub-contractors, grass cutters, or grave diggers, to install our monuments. You will receive a professional foundation and installation, different from the rest.

Most important factor when purchasing a stone monument?

There are several things which are “most” important: stone quality, lettering / carving quality, foundation quality, design, and warranty. In addition, the company you deal with needs to be reputable, licensed by the state, have full liability coverage, and the longevity to be there when you need them in the future. Also, you need to feel comfortable and trust who you are dealing with. This is an important decision which should not be taken lightly.